Auretta Jane Kilner 1872-1939

1872. Auretta Jane Kilner was born to John Kilner & Harriet Mathews on 8/4/1872- from 1939 Register

1881C.Auretta Kilner, 8, was living Denby, Wortley, Yorkshire. Census appears odd, as if rewritten!

John Kilner Head Married Male 29 1852 Grocer & Farmer 5 Acres York, Yorkshire, England
Harriet Kilner Wife Married Female 29 1852 - York, Yorkshire, England
Auretta Kilner Daughter Single Female 8 1873 Scholar York, Yorkshire, England
Charles Kilner Son Single Male 7 1874 Scholar York, Yorkshire, England
Emily Kilner Daughter Single Female 5 1876 Scholar York, Yorkshire, England
Florence Kilner Daughter Single Female 4 1877 Scholar York, Yorkshire, England
Nellie Kilner Daughter Single Female 2 1879 - York, Yorkshire, England
Percy Kilner Son Single Male 0 1881 - York, Yorkshire, England
Mary A Chapman - Single Female 17 1864 Dom Servt York, Yorkshire, England


1891C. Amelia? Jane Kilner, 18,was living Ellesmere Road, Brightside Bierlow, Sheffield . Original does seem to read Amelia!

John Kilner Head Married Male 39 1852 Canvasser Denby Dale Yorkshire, England
Harriett Kilner Wife Married Female 39 1852 - Shipley Yorkshire, England
Amelia Jane Kilner Daughter Single Female 18 1873 Grocers Assistant Denby Dale , Yorkshire, England
Florence Kilner Daughter Single Female 14 1877 Scholar Denby Dale Yorkshire, England
Nelly Kilner Daughter - Female 12 1879 Scholar Denby Dale Yorkshire, England
Percy Kilner Son - Male 10 1881 Scholar Denby Dale Yorkshire, England
Joe Willie Kilner Son - Male 8 1883 Scholar Denby Dale Yorkshire, England
Elsie Marian Kilner Daughter Single Female 4 1887 - Deepcar Yorkshire, England
Eveline Mary Kilner Daughter - Female 2 1889 - Deepcar Yorkshire, England
Jean Chisholme Lodger Single Female 22 1869 School Mistress Scotland


1899. Auretta Jane Kilner married Fred Cooke on 9/3/1899 in All Saints parish church, Sheffield. He 34, bachelor, cattle dealer,of Wakefield :she 26, spinster, of 35 Earldom Street . His father George Cooke, deceased, miller; hers John Kilner, butcher . Witnesses Charles Kilner & Harriett Kilner - her 1874 brother & mother . Geoffrey thought Auretta was a telephonist


1901C. Auretta J Cooke, 28, was living Jacobs Well Lane South View , Wakefield

Frederick Cooke Head Married Male 36 1865 Pig Dealer Knottingley, Yorkshire, England
Auretta J Cooke Wife Married Female 28 1873 - Lower Denby, Yorkshire, England
George K Cooke Son - Male 1 1900 - Wakefield, Yorkshire, England
Dorothy M Cooke Daughter - Female 0 1901 - Wakefield, Yorkshire, England
Elsie M Kilner Sister-In-Law - Female 14 1887 - Deepcar, Yorkshire, England
Eliza Taylor Servant Single Female 16 1885 General Servant (Domestic) Cudworth, Yorkshire, England

Auretta and Fred had 10 Children between 1899 and 1917

1902. The family moved to Northcote 32 Petersen Road, Wakefield

1909. Tom Kilner Cooke was born Wakefield Sep 1909 to Frederick & Auretta

1911C. A J Cooke, 38, was living 32 Petersen Road, Wakefield. Living in 8 rooms; had been married 11 years; 8 children, all alive

Fred Cooke Head Married Male 46 1865 Cattle Dealer Knottingley Yorkshire
A J Cooke Wife Married Female 38 1873 - Lower Denby Yorkshire
G K Cooke Son - Male 11 1900 School Makefield Yorkshire
Fred Cooke Son - Male 7 1904 School Makefield Yorkshire
Allan K Cooke Son - Male 6 1905 School Makefield Yorkshire
Jack Cooke Son - Male 2 1909 - Makefield Yorkshire
Tom Kilver Cooke Son - Male 1 1910 - Makefield Yorkshire
Nancy Cooke Daughter - Female 0 1911 - Makefield Yorkshire
Alice Hall Servant Single Female 17 1894 General Servant Domestic Normanton Yorkshire
Sarah Walker Servant Single Female 19 1892 General Servant Domestic Wakefield Yorkshire

With 10 children Auretta had little leisure time. She baked a stone of bread twice a week and never bought a cake. All the laundry was done at home, with a copper in the cellar and flat iron heated on the kitchen range or gas stove. Later the family had a live-in maid - indeed there was one by the 1901C andd 2 by the 1911C !. She and the children had holidays at Scarborough or Filey, a bus being hired for transportaion. Only occasionally was Fred free to go.. On one known occasion, Fred & Auretta, with Nancy 1911, accompanied J B and Auntie Cooke- who are these?? - to one of their favourite retreats at Farndale, North Yorkshire, famous for its acres of wild daffodils. The four liked to play Solo together.

1922. The family moved to Burney Tops, South Parade. ( There is a reference to Burmantofts being corrupted into Burney Tops in - but still none the wiser!)

burneytops . manse-burney

Burney Tops . . ... The manse and Burney Tops, with the stables behind

Burneytops House was built in 1740s for William Charnock, a wealthy Wakefield wool m erchant. Part of the house was demolished to make way for West Parade Street. By 1820 the house was occupied by the wealthy Unitarian Backshell family. Next door to it stands the Manse for West Parade Chapel - A-Z of Wakefield: Places, People, History

"Animals for the market were housed on the land there before auction days amongst other work .  My father used to 
talk about the egg custard and bun loaf his mother, Auretta,  baked and however hard my mother tried the custard
never had enough ‘body ‘ in it!   Father had to ride a bike each morning to get the milk . I think the house still
 stands but I am not sure what use it now has ".


1935. Her husband, Frederick Cooke, died on 22/8/1935, Wakefield- No Probate or Obituary: there must be one in a local paper, but this obviously not on FMP Newspapers. But details of his will have been found - he left £23,615, in trust for her and then for 7 surving children

1939 register. Annetta J Cooke, widowed, was living 5 West Parade Wakefield with her disabled son, and 2 of her unmarried younger Kilner sisters

Annetta J Cooke 08 Apr 1872 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Widowed 154 1
Jack Cooke 02 May 1908 Male Incapacitated Single 154 2
Emily Kelner 11 May 1878 Female Health Visitor Retired Single 154 3
Elsie M Kelner 11 Jan 1887 Female Household Duties Single 154 4


1939. Auretta Jane Cooke, 67, of Burneytops, 5 West Parade, died on 6/12/1939, Wakefield . Probate of £3294 to Dorothy Mary Armitage( wife of Leonard Armitag) & Tom Kilner Cooke, physician


On her death a Compulsory Purchase Order was made on Burney Tops for £2000 and it was turned into a wartime Day Nursery. It still( as of the time of Geoffrey's info, maybe 2013?? - scan22 ) stands in the centre of Wakefield with the stables and house operating as Offices

Frederick & Auretta, along with sons Alfred & Jack, are buried in a family grave at Wakefield Cemetery . no. E83.No memorials found there in FindaGrave

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